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If you are looking online for original and authentic Eritrean or Ethiopian products. Through this webshop we bring an excellent product range to your home at a very fair price.

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All of our suits are bespoke, which means they’re 100% made from scratch, by hand, by master tailors. The pattern that makes up your suit is totally unique to you based on your measurements and body composition. Because of this, we guarantee you’ll never have to worry about fit.

Our Process

1. Scheduling

2. Design & Measurements

3. Fitting

4. Going Forward

We offers high quality haircut & wellness services with the most hygienic environment

To provide the absolute best overall men’s grooming experience in every one of our shops to every one of our clients. We are committed to training and employing a staff capable of handling all your men’s grooming needs using only the finest hair and beard products.

Hair Color

Hair Color

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Facial Clean

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